• Spring Trends 2014

    Does the change of season have you itching to re-decorate your home? Are the winter blues still lingering on the wall paint of your living room? Perhaps a massive spring cleaning is just the answer or perhaps that's all too tedious? We believe in doing less to achieve more when it comes to home decorating. The most effortless and in fact fun way to give your home a make-over without splurging is by understanding color trends and textile trends. Each color evokes a different emotion and with just a few touches of in-season color paired with the right textures, it'll have your guests and even yourself fooled for having undergone a massive renovation.

    Spring 2014 is all about radiant colors with an alter ego of neutrality. This makes it easy for the bold to go bolder and the modest to keep things minimal. Add a splash of our favorite trendy colors released by Pantone for Spring 2014 by painting an entire room with the new color or just an accent wall. You can also achieve the same color splash effect by adding accent pieces around the room.

    Winward Design's Designer Favorites:

    Radiant Orchid. We must have predicted this Spring trend seasons ago when we decided to make this piercing purple color a part of our brand logo. It is, without a doubt, our favorite color! It's the perfect color to accessorize with this season. Purple in general can derive a sense of calmness, but since Radiant Orchid leans a little red, it also gives off a sense of fun and a pop of brightness. The fun part of color scheming is that you can play with the different hues of any color to make it bold for a vibrant feel, pastel soft for a sweeter touch, or dark for a provocative appeal. The floral inspired Radiant Orchid can be mixed with colors such as blues and corals. Other great colors to play into the Radiant Orchid are navy, turquoise, and teal... As you may know, purples and blues are a classic pairing! You can also accentuate with yellow, a color-wheel opposite, by using the yellow in textile or accent pieces. Look for bold shades of yellow like saffron or mustard.

    Cayenne. This color evokes warmth, romance, yet a sense of freshness. It is reminiscent of the warm and luminescent hues within a sunset, warm desert earth tones, the blazing city lights viewed from the distance. It is perfect for using as an accent wall or decorating with accent pieces. This energetic color pairs wonderfully against white and can also be used with all shades of blue for color contrast.

    Dazzling Blue. This is a very powerful color so use it with caution. If you're totally inspired by this color for your wall (we totally understand!), it is best used on walls with rail molding across all sides. Slather this beautiful color all over the upper half of the wall, and offset it with a darker shade of color like dark grey. Choose neutral colors to illuminate the vibrancy of the color either with cream colors or dark colors like black or dark grey. Other great accent colors for Dazzling Blue are more Dazzling Blue, tan, and royal blue. With a strong color as such, we find it endearing to use permanent botanicals to soften up the look. Our hydrangea in blue would look great against this color scheme. If that sounds like too much blue for your taste, our white roses can also give it a great balance.

    Sand. It's a safe color that works well with just about any other color you may want to use. Wrap your whole room in the color from top to bottom, it will instantly make it look and feel bigger and brighter. A great trick from the pros! It is a great anchor color with whites, blues, browns, grays, and bold pop of colors. Try using this color with salvage-inspired elements such as earthy marble table counters, wooden framings, wooden stools, and rugs. With Sand, you'll feel like you're just moments away from the beach!

    For modern contemporary, be sure to use silver accessories to complement the strong colors this season. Silver metal accessories also works great as a texture contrast. If silver-themed decor items is not your cup of tea, using flower arrangements or framed art is another  great way to accessorize a room. Keep in mind that texture is Spring's hottest new color! High-gloss finishes, metallics, sequins, mirrors, or canvas for a rustic organic feel. We have some great canvas throw pillows to act as accent pieces for your home. Click here to view all styles.
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