• 5 Steps to Furnishing Your New Home


    Did you just buy a house? Are you moving into a new home? Want to design your own interior instead of hiring someone to do it? Say no more! Our experts are here to help you. What we love about DIY interior decor is that it shows your personality in every nook of your home, each piece carries your passion, and it carries a story. Whether or not you have existing furniture and home decor you'd like to keep for the new abode, the very first step of furnishing a home remains the same.

    Step #1: List out design styles you're inspired by.

    First things first. Have your floor plan on hand and based on the number of rooms you're working with, list out the home design styles which inspire you. Identify which style would most suit each room. Jot them down as you go. You may decide that one style throughout the entire home is enough or you may prefer to incorporate multiple styles -- whatever you choose to do, remember that it's your home, so make it a sanctuary where you'll be able to be in your utmost comfort zone. We have listed out the most common design styles used at the end of this blog.

    Step #2: Decide your color themes.

    Secondly, with a color swatch provided by the brand of paint you'll be using for your walls, decide which colors you love. The selection of colors you've just made will define your base colors and complementary colors. You will use this as a guide throughout the entire decorating process to help decide what furniture or accessories stay and which ones must go! Try to limit it to a maximum of 3 colors per room. You've heard the saying "three's a charm".

    Step #3: Textures, textures, textures!

    Textures are plenty of fun to work with! You can use textures on the walls, you can use it in moldings, textiles, flooring, furniture and accessories. The possibilities are endless! With the design styles you picked as your calling (during Step #1), identify which texture elements capture the styles best. Do further studying of these materials and determine how you'll harmonize them.

    Step #4: Tie the story together.

    Now is the time you will tie all the pieces together to create "the story" of each room. Take all the elements you now have on hand, add to it or remove from it until you're happy with the way the whole story ties together.

    Step #5: Add accent furniture and decor.

    The finishing touches are the most fun! To add the final touches to your "story" rooms, add in statement pieces small and large to give your room an added sense of liveliness! Our permanent botanicals, occasional furniture, and accessories may be just what your room needs. To view our collection, click here.


    Once you're finished with the place, you'll be inspired day over day by the very pieces that inspired you from day one! We leave you with a quote...  "The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling." - Fabienne Fredrickson

    List of Popular Home Design Styles:

    • Tudor
    • Cottage
    • Mediterranean
    • Contemporary
    • Victorian
    • Colonial
    • Country
    • Eclectic
    • English Country
    • Neo-classical French
    • Mid-century Modern
    • Moroccan
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