• Marimekko: The Design Of The Poppy

    "Unikko" is what they call it. This year Unikko turns 50 and we can't get enough of the poppy print! The Helsinki-based fashion house Marimekko, founded by Ms. Armi Ratia herself, once defined the brand as "a cultural phenomenon guiding the quality of living". I suppose this mantra is what appealed to Jackie Kennedy in the 1960's, when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated posed in a red dress by the stylish Finnish brand. There's a focus on its strong Scandinavian identity while using plenty of pretty poppy prints in its designs. These are one of those inspiring moments we get -- when we see floral-inspired fashion. It reinforces the ideology that a road goes two ways. In floral design, we are heavily inspired by the trends happening in the fashion industry, while alike, fashion houses continue to take inspiration from the botanical world as well. Happy 50th Anniversary, Unikko!

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