• A Touch of Blue


    Blue is truly a magical and inspiring color - blue skies, deep ocean waters - creating a sense of relaxation and calmness.  What better place to experience this than in our homes and interiors settings.  Using too much blue, though, can produce a cold melancholic atmosphere.  This is why I think adding touches of blue to your home decor with permanent botanicals such as hydrangea (the perennial favorite), hyacinths and poppy anemones is so easy to do with almost any color scheme.  There are very few colors, if any, that blue does not complement or enhance the surrounding colors....just take a look at not everything beautiful against a blue sky!

    Neither masculine or feminine blue is favored by both men and women when selecting cars, clothing or home accessories.  The latter is so true when you look at how popular blue and white porcelain vases, urns or plates are and remain a staple in interior decorating.  Pick up any shelter magazine and see how difficult it is to find an article without any blue and white accessories....and a vase of hydrangea is not far away!

    So if you are one of those "new neutrals" or you love the rich earthy Tuscan tones try adding a "touch of blue" to your interiors and see the place come alive.  It's like coming home and putting on that old pair of blue jeans....calming, relaxing......perfect!



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