DESIGN TRENDS / Color Scheming

  • Designer Favorite: The Classic Neutrals

    Usually when you think of a neutral color, blacks, whites, and grays are the first to come to mind. Did it ever occur to you that green and yellow, as the most common colors vastly seen in nature, are also neutral colors? We love the color green for decorating but today we want to talk about how to decorate with yellow. Yellow is a natural tranquilizer. It's calming, it's mild, it's there but hardly there. That's what makes working with this color in interior decorating so great! Come and see what our designers have chosen as our "Classic Neutral".  ...

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  • Spring Trends 2014

    Does the change of season have you itching to re-decorate your home? Are the winter blues still lingering on the wall paint of your living room? Perhaps a massive spring cleaning is just the answer or perhaps that's all too tedious? We believe in doing less to achieve more when it comes to home decorating. The most effortless and in fact fun way to give your home a make-over without splurging is by understanding color trends and textile trends. Each color evokes a different emotion and with just a few touches of in-season color paired with the right textures, it'll...

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  • A Touch of Blue

      Blue is truly a magical and inspiring color - blue skies, deep ocean waters - creating a sense of relaxation and calmness.  What better place to experience this than in our homes and interiors settings.  Using too much blue, though, can produce a cold melancholic atmosphere.  This is why I think adding touches of blue to your home decor with permanent botanicals such as hydrangea (the perennial favorite), hyacinths and poppy anemones is so easy to do with almost any color scheme.  There are very few colors, if any, that blue does not complement or enhance the surrounding colors....just...

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